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Watching kids play and participate in recreational activities freely or watching parents play a fun game of catch with their child is something that many take for granted.  Kids with disabilities don’t always have the skills or opportunities to engage in physical activities.  Additionally, parents may not know how to include their child in activities that promote their physical wellbeing.  We provide opportunities for both parents and kids to play based on their ability level.  Services are provided to individuals with intellectual, physical or social disabilities that have mild, moderate or severe motor delays.


Our Mission


We are on a mission to increase physical activity for individuals with disabilities through motor skill development and recreational & leisure activities.



Our Vision


To positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.

What We Do

Motor Skill Development

Having a disability may cause delays in motor skill performance. These delays can be mild, moderate or severe and can affect fine motor skills, gross motor skills or fundamental motor skills.  At Ability Play, we assess participants to see what type of delays are present and create an individualized program to build the skills in areas of concern.

Community Based Recreation

Participating in recreation and leisure activities is a great way to stay physically active. Providing recreational activities for participants builds relationships and cultivates love of neighbor in the community.  When providing recreational opportunities, activities should be designed to be fun and accessible to all. At ability play, we provide consultation services on how to adapt recreation activities for individuals with disabilities.

Family Play Consultation

There are many benefits of having active family play. Burning calories and increasing  your heart rate are great, but strengthening the family bond and creating opportunities for success within the family are immeasurable. 

At Ability Play, we help families provide opportunities to be active together, by providing consultation services on how to adapt activities so those with and without disabilities can experience success.

Organized Group Play

It is important for individuals with disabilities to have socialization opportunities to promote and maintain mental health.  At Ability Play , we coordinate and organize group play activities for children with disabilities to encourage interaction and safe play with other individuals who have disabilities.  This service provides social interaction and communication amongst children; and can also provide a support group amongst parents and guardians.


"Talisha has been my students' PE and Adapted PE coach for years. She is kind and patient. She understands special needs so well and I would recommend this program to any parent of a special needs child."

Cheryl Hunter

“Our son has worked with Ability Play since December 2019 and we have seen a significant increase in his ability level.  Talisha is very professional, caring and patient.  We highly recommend Ability Play to other families and look forward to more opportunities to work with her in the future.”

-Lotoya Henson

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